To guard against hostage situations...

While companies assess work related risks to employees, it is also prudent for executives and/or key employees to consider implementing the following steps to proactively guard against threats or a possible hostage situations:

- Develop a security plan and emergency procedures with family members and discuss what they should do if "this" or "that" happens. Then rehearse it!

- Get an unlisted phone number 

- Use a P.O. Box or other address to receive personal mail

- Use alternate routes to go home each day so that people cannot learn your daily routine

- Install an alarm system in your home with an ambush feature built into the keypad

- Place spotlights with motion-sensing devices strategically around your house

- Make sure your floor plan is not accessible over the Web. This includes ensuring that realtors do not post any floor plans if your house is for sale 

- Never admit strangers or solicitors into your home. Screen all visitors carefully
Report suspicious activities in your neighborhood and encourage neighbors to be vigilant

- Keep all doors and windows locked and secure at all times. Install deadbolt locks and check them frequently. This includes keeping the door leading from your garage into you house ALWAYS locked.

- Have an all clear or trouble signal implemented for the home

It has been a while since a hostage situation involving a home take over has occurred, but why wait till it becomes popular again to take precautions?