Alarm Signal Communication over the Internet...


The Internet has opened the doors for many new Security related products, but have you ever considered having your alarm signal communicate over the Internet?


In the old days when an alarm signal went directly to the Police Department and it was cut or tampered with, there would be an instant notification.  But, due to personnel cut backs and liability issues, most Police departments have discontinued or extremely limited this service.


As a result, today’s alarm panels will normally dial into the monitoring station over a normal phone line when needed.  As a rule, a test signal is sent once every 24 hours, so if the phone line is cut or down, the system is useless unless a cell phone back up is utilized.


The ability to monitor alarm signals over the Internet offers many advantages for alarm subscribers. Data transmission is secure, extremely fast (6 seconds or less) and fully supervised (can "ping" monitoring station every 6 minutes). If you utilize a cell phone back up, Internet monitoring could offer a significant cost savings due to this piece of the puzzle being able to be eliminated.


Sending alarm and system information to a central monitoring station through the Internet is not only superior to analog or cell phone communication, but it is also a communication method approved and accepted by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for Grade AA High-Line Security and for Commercial Fire.